Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of assistance is expected of us?

We offer assistance that is tailored to each unique situation our clients have. We make certain that visa application is appropriate to each of our client’s state of affairs. For as long as our client is transparent with all the information needed, our detailed understanding about the migration law and procedure enables us to provide a sound advice about our clients’ situation in order to properly identify the correct visa category and provide further recommendations concerning the process to go through with for a certain visa.

As to what range do we help you with?

We give exact advice about the documentations required for a successful visa processing. We verify all applications for accuracy and make sure that all needed forms are completed with adherence to the code of practice. We keep our clients up to date through every phases of the process.

Who do we coordinate with?

During the processing of the application, we liaise with the Department of Immigration. We also coordinate with the necessary evaluating authorities when the visa being applied for is under the general migration programme.

Can we find you a job?

No. We connect the jobseekers to the advertising employers.

Do we facilitate the screening process?

No. Applicants may contact the employers directly to check the progress of their application if an employer’s contact information is provided. It is usually the employers who will contact the successful applicants.

Can visa applications be done without the help of a migration agent?

Yes, visa applications can be processed without engaging with a registered migration agent, yet the piles of paperwork and complex steps required can result in a lot of defeating feelings when something is not carefully thought of and it can compromise the visa application itself.

Why engage with a Registered Migration Agent?

We assist our clients with any complexities and ensure that the application form is completed correctly and supplemented by the exact fee, so the application is valid. We also ensure that

the documents submitted with respect to the application meets the standards of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s requirements. As registered migrations agents, we abide by to the Code of Conduct from MARA that gives our clients protection the assurance that they are transacting with accomplished professionals.

Why agent fees vary?

While there is no set amount that a registered migration agent can charge, the amount agents charge must be reasonable and fair. Agent fees depends on certain situations like the visa application type, the level of service needed and the amount of time it will take to prepare the application on complex situations. Agents also may have an additional charge for dependents.

Consider talking to several agents about their estimated service fees and get some quotations about possible additional charges in the future if there are changes with the process of additional work to be done. Agents are compelled to assist the applications without increasing the cost unnecessarily.


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