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Sponsorship Australia. How to get sponsored in Australia

sponsorship australia 2 man handshake and some people watching in the distanceGetting sponsored in Australia seems to be one of the best ways to secure a job in Australia. It can also
lead to the permanent migration. Unfortunately, a lot of people believes that it is too hard to get sponsored in Australia or that sponsorship in Australia simply does not exist. The reality is that many thousands get sponsored in Australia on temporary and permanent visa each and every year.

So what should you do to secure sponsorship visa Australia?

For many people who are already in Australia sponsorship looks to be the best way to stay in Australia indefinitely as there is a clear, well-structured way of getting your 457 sponsorship visa which can lead to citizenship.

For various reasons for many, getting sponsored is a big challenge.  Let’s take a look at what could you do to get sponsored in Australia

1. You need to dive into Australian sponsorship job market.

You need to understand, that only some employers are willing to sponsor. Companies are unwilling to assist with employer-sponsored visa simply because they are not familiar with the whole sponsorship visa process, and think it is too difficult to obtain visa sponsor status. It takes a bit of effort, but once a business will get an Australian sponsorship status they can employ usually as  many overseas workers as they please. Usually, it’s a good idea to involve a migration agent in this process.  So even if there might be a high demand in Australia for your skills and experience, you need to find these employers who are already approved for an employer-sponsored visa or are willing to become approved by the department of immigration. Understanding this is a big first step. The next step is to discover the jobs that will match your skills and employers who can sponsor you for a visa.

2. Employers want to sponsor people who are in Australia

Technology allows us nowadays to do video interviews,but in most of the employers still want to meet you in person before they make a decision to give you a job.  It’s very unlikely that you’ll get that job without meting your prospective visa sponsor in person. If you are overseas, you might consider getting to Australia on some other visa which could be later turned to employer-sponsored one. Be rather proactive than reactive – don’t wait for a call, call first.

3. You need to look attractive to Australian employers.

This sounds obvious, but many people who are seeking sponsorship get it wrong. It starts with things like your CV and cover letter. These are like the first impression – if done right could make a positive difference to your job search. Just imagine an employer who has a hundred applications on his desk. For him to read every page would take days but he does not have that much time usually. Although they do as best they can, in reality, they look for reasons NOT to read your application. Overseas address or a CV that is too long could be the simplest factors.

The trick for you is to address all the elements of a successful sponsored job search.

  1. Get into the sponsored jobs including the hidden job market
  2. Create a resume and a cover letter that will attract Australian employers
  3. Ask the others how to uncover employers and get interviews – socialize

As you may see, there are many things you need to get done right to be successful at finding a sponsored job in Australia. Here are some key points that can make the difference in your job search.

Get found – create an account on this site.

Start with creating your own account on this site. Describe your skills and experience so prospective sponsors can find you. Enter below your name and email and then follow the link you’ll get in an email to fill with the other details about your skills and experience which might be of prospective sponsor interest. Follow this link to get registered or recover your lost link.

Your CV (Resume as we call it in Australia)

Employers and recruitment consultants are busy people and this is a huge disadvantage for people coming from overseas. The truth is that faced with hundreds of applications to go through, employers and recruiters put overseas applicants into the “too hard” basket. The key is to write a stunning CV and cover letter that will win you the job.

Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment consultants are usually awesome people and they can play a pivotal role in your job search, they rarely are willing to deal with visa process.

Hidden Job Market

The most important part of finding a job is to find employers who are willing to sponsor.  You may consider getting into the hidden jobs market. It is much easier for employers to find the right people through networking than you may think.

Who can get sponsored?

  1. People with skills and professions that are in demand (check the department’s of Immigration SOL / CSOL list)
  2. People who are able to speak English. It is a visa condition to speak English, so even if employer would be willing to sponsor you, but your English is not good enough you may not get a sponsored visa.
  3. Seems to be tricky, but you may need to have enough money to support yourself in Australia for a period of time, at least before your salary will hit your bank account.

Not everyone can get employer sponsored visa but if you can you will be granted with a 4 year visa. You might be allowed to bring your family and travel in and out of Australia if you wish so.

You may check this video to have a better understanding on how to get sponsored in Australia


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