Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting Sponsorship Australia. Please read the terms of use carefully as it contains important information regarding everyone’s personal rights as a user of this website.

Terms Job Seekers Responsibility

  1. Job seekers are permitted to use the website as an entryway to search for jobs connected to their expertise. They are allowed to get in touch with employers, businesses, and organizations directly; however, Sponsorship Australia is not liable for untoward events (in any form) that may arise (see disclaimer). Discretion is a responsibility of the user in all accounts.
  2. To use the service of this website, the user must register, and consent to provide accurate information or personal data as required. Users should be at least of legal age eighteen (18) and above.
  3. Upon registration, the user agrees to the terms of use and privacy policy of Sponsorship Australia.

Employer Responsibility

  1. This page allows individuals looking for professional services to post job offers in the website. Employers are requested to categorize their job offers for easier access and discernibility.
  2. The website is not accountable for the kind of personality of the applicants that the employers may determine through this website. Employers must practice firm discretion prior to hiring (see disclaimer).

Privacy Policy

Registration and personal data collected by this website is subject to our privacy policy.

Accounts and Passwords

  1. The user is liable of their personal account information. Users are hereby responsible for the privacy of their account and all of its uses, authorized or unauthorized. By signing up to Sponsorship Australia, Users agree to notify us through our contact form whenever there is unauthorized access of the accounts.
  2. Using a public computers call for the user to “sign out” the personal account for unauthorized access prevention.
  3. The user hereby agrees that the account is “exclusive” to user only, and consenting others to access the account means breaking the terms herein.

Intellectual Rights

Sponsorship Australia shall own all the rights of this website in terms of design, domain name, user interfaces, and all the non-personal identification information included in this website. The website also shall own the feedbacks, suggestions, and recommendations, provided by users and other parties that used the website for personal and professional purposes. Sponsorship Australia has the right to its logo, the “Sponsorship Australia” name, and other technologies implemented by its designers and webmasters.

By gaining access to this web site, users are agreeing to be bound by these web site’s Terms and Conditions of Use, all pertinent laws and regulations, and agree to comply with any applicable local laws. If users do not find any of these terms agreeable, users are proscribed from any illicit use or access of this site. The materials contained in this web site are secured by applicable trade mark and copyright laws.


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